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1) Where's the list of who's on the official working groups and the schedule of when they meet? 2) Where's a description of the format for the community meetings?

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  • Besides flooding, air quality concerns were the second most worrisome aspect of the Climate Crisis according to the first City survey but there were zero goals or recommendations about what to do from staff. Last month I was told by the AECOM consultant there was now a singular question about air quality and climate change in the survey or presentation after complaints there was no mention of it in any of the official questions/goals/recommendations to date, including the latest PowerPoint. Is that true and if so where is it in the survey or presentation?
  • Apologies for the Danny Downer attitude, but I can't help it when reality crashes through the propaganda Matrix. You see, the one thing Americans are really, really good at, is self delusion or self deception, ie lying to one's self, and to a greater extent, everyone else in ear shot of their babbling bovine droppings. First and foremost the “reality” is this, the world is going to blow past the Paris Climate Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 C or even 2 C. The amount of GHG's emissions currently in our atmosphere right now, guaranties the world will blow these “guesstimates” by a wide margin to something more like 3-4C by 2050, or sooner. But even more fundamental, is the understanding that “bad data in”, results in bad data out, which yields bad decisions, based on bad data. For example, take a look at this presentation by the Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability on City Environmental & Climate Planning Efforts, Scroll on down to slide 7 and let me know if you see any problems with the chart of historic CO2 levels. You know what leaped from the page and slapped me up side the head with a Cognitive Dissonance stick, “current levels” of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, indicating the current level well below 400ppm. This graphic is similar to this one published by NASA (I can't find a publishing date) But even this one clearly shows CO2 levels above 400ppm. I have seen a similar graphic published by NASA showing below 400ppm, but that was years ago. If one goes to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (ie NOAA) website for Earth System Research Laboratory - Global Monitoring System, one can see on the two chart's published there that they haven't recorded CO2 levels below 400ppm since late 2015. If one goes to NASA's climate change website,, then clicks on the page button Carbon Dioxide, it will bring up a chart that CLEARLY indicates (when you drag your mouse down the line on the chart on the left) that we haven't seen CO2 levels BELOW 400ppm since Feb. 15, 2015. So NASA and NOAA concur, we haven't see CO2 levels below 400ppm since at least some time in 2015, yet the City of Dallas's Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability is CLEARLY publishing incorrect data, and it seems no one is pushing back on publishing BAD DATA. Whether this oversight in publishing bad data was just that, an oversight, lack of quality control, or intentional, it really doesn't matter. The people this data has been shown to, hasn't said a thing, at least publicly. I'm not saying it was published with nefarious intent, I'm just pushing back on the bad data being published, and not corrected, because if we use this bad data to base our CECAP plans on, we're totally (self censored)! Using this bad data is a guaranty this CECAP plan will fail.