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The City of Dallas has a number of strategic planning initiatives to guide future development and operations. City staff works together throughout the creation and implementation of these plans to ensure the alignment of goals and prioties.

Learn more about a few of these efforts below!

Shaping a city where every resident has the necessary resources and services to thrive, while reducing disparities and increasing outcomes for all.

Establishing guidelines for how public and private land should be used and what the city should look like.

Setting forward a strategic and cohesive agenda to manage our “green infrastructure” by providing a roadmap for private partners to help reach the goals and objectives of the plan.

​Fostering resilience by building opportunities for strategic engagement, leveraging community partnerships, and collaborating and strengthening communication with residents.

Creating a framework for investing and responding to problems through guiding the modernization of transportation project selection process, programs, and policies over the next five years.

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