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Urban Heat Island Study

In partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and CAPA Strategies, OEQS participated in an urban heat island (UHI) mapping campaign. The purpose of this study is to identify the hotspots in Dallas and look for equitable ways to implement cooling solutions in our communities. The urban heat island data helps decision makers take actions to reduce the health impacts of extreme heat, which often targets the most vulnerable.

OEQS will map the rest of the City - about 282 square miles - on August 10, 2024, weather permitting. If you are interested in volunteering, please use the registration link.

Volunteer Overview:

To collect heat data, sensors will be attached to car windows and volunteers will drive around Dallas, following pre-designed routes. All volunteers will be required to attend an online training session to learn how to use the equipment and collect the data. Volunteers will be paired up to fulfill one of two roles: Driver or Navigator. An app will provide step-by-step driving instructions. Volunteers may also help manage our central hub. 

On campaign day, volunteers will check-in and pick up the equipment. Then, they will drive their assigned route, and return equipment to the check-in point after the route has been completed. 

Data must be collected from 6-7am, 3-4pm, and 7-8pm. Volunteers may sign up for multiple shifts.

OEQS Staff and volunteers from the August 2023 Urban Heat Island Study

A mandatory training will take place on July 11th. Volunteers may attend the virtual one-hour training at 10:30am OR 6:30pm. Following the training, a volunteer knowledge check must be completed, and a waiver must be signed. Then, volunteers will be assigned routes and shifts.


On campaign day, volunteers will meet at the North Hub (location TBD) or South Hub: Dallas Executive Airport, depending on routes assigned.

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During the August 2023 event, City staff and approximately 70 volunteers navigated 9 routes in 3 separate time periods to collect data across 100 square miles of the City. 

The City of Dallas August 2023 UHI Study Report is available here: Link 

Additional UHI Study Resources:

Heat Watch Dallas - Interactive Map

Open Science Framework (OSF)

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